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Growth Catalyst was created to rapidly scale impact-driven companies.

After spending years in digital agencies that catered to companies ranging from MSFT and AMZN to ecommerce and solopreneur SaaS, we’ve honed in on what we do best: scaling companies who have product-market fit.

Your business already has the potential – you’ve got a solid product and a team to back it – but without a strong digital marketing strategy, your growth could be slow and bumpy. 

Just like the enzymes that speed up chemical reactions in the scientific sense of the word, Growth Catalyst can accelerate your growth by helping you find the most efficient path to scale.

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Jeff Smith, Co-Founder

I’m Jeff, co-founder of Growth Catalyst. After working in Fitness, SaaS Sales, Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship for the last 7 years I wanted to create something that served the market better. A digital marketing and business consultancy where you aren’t just handed off to an account manager and sold templated services. That’s why we thoroughly analyze each company and create custom tailored digital strategies – then we (the founders) continue working on those same strategies throughout the entire relationship.

Dustin Talley, Co-Founder

I’m Dustin, co-founder of Growth Catalyst! Over the past 10 years I have been working on my own entrepreneurial ventures as well as helping other companies grow through the same digital strategies that I used in my own businesses. After 6 years in the agency world I left to do digital marketing differently. No cookie-cutter strategies, everything custom. This is what you truly need to be successful, strategies tailored to you that evolve as you grow.

Sean Hensen

Head of Operations

Michelle Sokol

Creative Director

Zach Perry

Web Design, Digital Strategist

Branko Kral

Analytics & Organic Expert

Filip Lescan

Director of SEO

Hussain Mehmood

Analytics & Tracking Expert

Alexis Nicolas

Search Ads 360 Consultant

Chris Smith

Fractional CFO

Dan Peterson

Project Manager

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