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An abbreviated digital marketing campaign that delivers data quickly.


A full-scale digital marketing plan that will follows a proven four-step process to accelerate growth.

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We don’t believe in shortcuts at Growth Catalyst, but we realize that sometimes companies need results fast. 

Whether you need market data for potential investors or are looking for some quick reassurance that digital marketing will work for you, our growth sprint can deliver.

Nothing can compare to our full-scale digital marketing suite, but our modified 4-6 week sprint can give you a preview of your full potential.








2-4 weeks



Step 1


Fact-finding and goal-setting

TIMELINE | 1 week

By the time you reach out to Growth Catalyst for digital marketing services, you’ve already made one major discovery: You’re interested in scaling your business.

Phase 1 of our growth sprint is dedicated to discovery. Through conversations with key stakeholders, we’ll uncover your biggest challenges as a business and learn about your vision and your goals.

The discovery process provides a current snapshot of your company, from your financial health and portfolio of products and services to your market and competitors. More importantly, though, the discovery process allows you to share your vision for the future so we can help you take immediate actions to move in the right direction.

Step 2


Building and launching a campaign

TIMELINE | 2-4 weeks

During Phase 2 of our growth sprint, we take the information we gathered during the discovery process and we run with it. Well, more accurately, we sprint with it.

During the execution stage, we create a strategy, build it out and put it in action.

This marketing campaign will be short and sweet, but it will deliver the data you’ll need to accelerate growth.

We manage the campaign from start to finish, from mapping out a game plan to creating the assets and ad copy. But most importantly, we’ll implement the systems necessary to track conversions and results.

Step 3


Delivering data and a strategy

TIMELINE | 1 week

During the final phase of our growth sprint, we dig into the data. In Phase 3, we reflect on the effectiveness of the sprint campaign and deliver detailed results and analysis.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll have a strong foundation on which to plan future campaigns. If you’re not satisfied with the results you see, we can repeat Phase 2 with a new approach.

The results from the growth sprint can be used to guide you to growth. Your new benchmarks are reliable and full of helpful insights. They’ll begin to shed light on what’s possible with a full-scale digital marketing campaign.

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