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Growth Catalyst uses a four-step process to scale companies using digital marketing.

We’re driven by data through the whole process: first by gathering information, and then by applying it to create projections for your potential.









Step 1


Discovery, audit, and blueprint creation


1-2 weeks



Phase 1 is a deep-dive into your company beginning with our discovery and audit processes. These processes begins with a deep-dive with the key stakeholders of your team where we discuss your company history, goals, financial situation, products/services, your market and competitors.

This information lays the groundwork for the audit process where we analyze all the digital channels you’re currently operating in and grade their effectiveness. These usually span SEO, Google Ads, FB/IG Ads, LinkedIn, Influencer Marketing, and Analytics.

After we’ve thoroughly audited your presence in these channels, identified both your weaknesses and your competitors weaknesses, we compile our recommendations in the form of a prioritized list. The list contains a thorough description of each task/deliverable, a time estimate, as well as cost.

Step 2


Building the foundation


2-4 weeks



Phase 2 is all about preparing your business to dominate digitally. We take our blueprint from phase one and fix, adjust or create the assets and systems that will allow us to increase our effectiveness right from the get go.

This phase falls into 3 main categories – addressing weaknesses, performing specialized research (e.g. around keywords or competitors), and producing the assets we identified earlier. Each one of these is equally important to our success.

First, we fix the critical issues that were uncovered in the audit. This includes cleaning up our tracking and analytics, campaign structures, and website issues. Secondly, we conduct further research that allows us to fully build out our digital strategy and begin implementing our findings. Third, we produce the assets that support the strategy in the form of new web pages, landing pages, ads, and copy. All of which comes together so we can launch our optimized campaigns with an instant boost to performance that is tailor-made to fit your weaknesses.

Step 3


Analyze, optimize, refine


3-5 months



Phase 3 is all about launching campaigns, publishing the assets we created in Phase 2, and analyzing their performance.

Right before we launch Phase 3, we benchmark all of your analytics/KPIs so that we can accurately report on the effectiveness of the campaigns built in Phase 2.

We use the data from these new assets and campaigns to refine our new approach, and “sharpen the axe”.

Once the axe is sharp enough, and we’ve made the bulk of the possible improvements, we set new benchmarks. These new benchmarks are reliable, and data-based, so we use them to define what’s possible in terms of market penetration and for financial projections.

Step 4


Keep the momentum going





After going through the first 3 phases, your company will be in an entirely different growth situation. You’ll have razor sharp analytics telling you exactly how many leads or sales are coming and what to expect over the next 6-12 months with data-based campaigns to prove it.

By this point in the relationship, both sides trust each other enough to enter into an ongoing retainer-based relationship. In the Scale phase, we are managing the campaigns we’ve built and started optimizing in phase 3.

The goal of this phase is to scale the company to milestones that are set during our monthly and quarterly meetings – usually corresponding to goals for investors.

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