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Slashing CPA in half through creative variant testing


Just as Borrow, an electric vehicle subscription service, was preparing to scale, the start-ups CPAs started soaring.

We met with Jon and Rodrigo, founders of Borrow, to discuss their urgent need to bring CPAs back in check so they could prove out their figures to interested parties.

The challenge was a perfect application for a Growth Catalyst sprint.


We approached this sprint with one major question in mind: How can we increase the likelihood that a user will complete a lead application and then respond after submission?

We deployed a series of rapid tests on FB/IG to start fixing everything we could on the front half of the conversion process, primarily focusing on creative variants.

We also made improvements to the user experience wherever possible, including landing page optimization and fine-tuning the conversion process.



reduction in CPA

At the end of this initial process we cut Borrow’s CPA in half on FB/IG in 4 weeks. This set the stage for ongoing growth on FB/IG, and later Google.

Borrow is growing.

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Jon Alain Guzik

Jeff and his team worked with my startup Borrow. They stabilized our growth and technical backend, got us on a firm path to scale across all our channels all while significantly achieving our lowest CaC costs ever and saving my company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in marketing spend.

Operating at a much higher-level than “PPC guys”, the team are the real deal and one of the easiest marketing firms I have ever worked with.